Development Approval Services

We assist developers and individuals to obtain approvals from Municipalities related to Development applications for:

  1. Site Plan Applications and Agreements
  2. Plan of Subdivision and Draft Plans of Condominium 
  3. Zoning Bylaw and Official Plan Amendments
  4. Minor Variances
  5. Consent to Convey
  6. Part Lot Control exemptions
  7. Temporary Use Bylaw
  8. Condominium Conversions


Planning Support Services

We offer a wide variety of support solutions and services to ensure that your Planning interests are effectly represented at every official platform and forum

  1. Mediation, Dispute Redolution and Negotiations with agencies/authorities
  2. Planning witness at the Environment and Land Tribunal
  3. Facilitation and coordination of workshops, seminars and consultations
  4. Debates and presentations


Research & Analysis

We research, develop, coordinate and execute reports and studies to support Planning applications required by municipalities to approve Development Applications

  1. Research projects
  2. Trafic Impact Studies
  3. Planning Justification Reports
  4. Parking Studies
  5. Sun/shadow studies
  6. Environmental Impact Studies
  7. Stormwater management & Grading
  8. Site Servicing & Engineering Drawings
  9. Others


Architectural Services, Surveying & Mapping

We provide the following services through our associates and strrategic alliance partners

  1. Lot & property surveying and grading
  2. Elevations drawings and interior layouts
  3. Building Plan Approvals (Building Permits)
  4. Mapping, Printing and Plotting