Manni Chauhan, MCIP, RPP is a planning consultant with over 30 years of experience. He has worked in both the private and government sectors. Before founding G-Force Urban Planners in 2010, Manni was a Director of Planning at the Mckenzie Municipal Service Agency and a Development Planner with the City of Mississauga. Having extensive experience on both sides of the fence, Manni understands the realities, processes and requirements of obtaining development approvals in a timely and economical manner. 

G-force Urban Planners is an Urban Planning firm with an ambition to add indispensable value to its projects and clients. We approach each project in a customized proactive manner and offer innovative as well as cost-effective solutions.

Our Expertise lies in:

A.     Development Approvals (Residential, Institutional, commercial and Industrial) 

  1. Zoning By-law Amendment 
  2. Official Plan Amendment 
  3. Site Plan Agreement
  4. Minor Variance
  5. Plan of Condominium
  6. Part-Lot control
  7. Temporary-use By-law 
  8. Condominium Conversion
  9. Severance Application 
  10. Plan of Subdivisions
  11. Consent Application

B.     Reports and Studies 

  1. Planning justification Report
  2. Parking Justification Study 
  3. Urban Design Brief
  4. Environmental Site Screening Questionnaire and Declaration (ESSQD)
  5. Sustainability Matrix
  6. Land-use Feasibility and Appraisal  
  7. Public Consultation Strategy 

C.     Meetings and Hearings 

  1. Pre-consultation Meeting
  2. Presentation before Council 
  3. Public Consultation and Hearings 
  4. Expert Witness before the Ontario Municipal Board